Karrigo Deliveries

image of a Karrigo dispatch rider.

Welcome to Karrigo deliveries. your one stop solution for fast, cost effective and efficient delivery service in Lagos and other environs. Karrigo deliveries was born out of the ever increasing demand for a reliable delivery service tailored to cater for the need of small and medium scale businesses with an everyday challenge as to how  their goods and services would get to their all important customers.


We operate mainly as a pick up and delivery service whereby  a customer demands for our service by either scheduling a pick up or delivery whichever seems convenient to the customer but above all at an affordable rate.


Our rate are friendly and affordable. we put in to consideration several parameters before arriving at our rates. for a delivery that has to  be within mainstream Lagos this should be typically within 800 to 1000 depending exactly on the point of delivery. however items to be delivered towards the outskirts of Lagos certainly attracts more charges. we ll  be reeling out our full delivery charges for different locations in no time.


One major challenge most business owners encounter with delivery services is their inability to proffer cash on delivery service (collect cash on behalf of client) this has culminated in most clients loosing valuable customers with knowing it. we on our path in order to ensure that our clients maximizes every opportunity do collect cash  on delivery on behalf of our customer with a little cash handing fees attached to it.


Our services are categorized in three broad segments.

1. Karrigo Express Delivery

2. Karrigo Same Day

3. Karrigo Normal

Clients are free to choose based on scale of importance, for more on this feel free to call our help line on 08184688283.



  1. The customer care number is incomplete.

    1. Helpline has now been edited, please feel free to reach us for more inquiries.

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