3 Way Logistics Has Helped The Growth Of E commerce In Nigeria.

Call it whatever name , be it pick up service , pickup and delivery service, courier service , errand boys or what not, they all fall under the same category which is logistics reason because they offer virtually the same services with little variations here and there.

The essence of this post is to  bring to mind 3 key ways how logistics had helped in the growth of eCommerce in Nigeria, do you believe that ? well sit back and read through this post as we take you through these interesting revelations.

The growth of eCommerce in Nigeria cannot be mentioned without the incisive impact played by logistics in propagating this growth we,ll buttress a few points how Logistics did really skyrocket this revolution .

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Pay on delivery is one system that really increased the growth and popularity of eCommerce in Nigeria. before the advent of the pay on delivery system there was this notion of uncertainty  regarding eCommerce people were not willing to pay for items before taking delivery and such questions like "how do i pay  for what am not seeing " did come to the fore fold then. bu with the introduction of the pay on delivery system came a massive turn around in growth sales and widespread popularity.


The mere convenience of shopping from the comfort of ones home and having the item delivered to ones doorstep within 24 to 48 hours is one way logistics has helped the rapid growth of eCommerce in Nigeria this has in a very big way eradicated the hassles associated with brick and mortal shopping though some sections still think other wise.


Another way  Logistics has encouraged the growth of eCommerce in Nigeria is the introduction of the cash on delivery system. this introduction has helped business owners get instant cash for their items and as well encouraged buyers to pay immediately for items they receive without any for of delay be it through POS or cash.

This innovations and a few more which we have not mentioned has in no small means enhanced the growth and popularity of eCommerce in Nigeria all these years all thanks to logistics.

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  1. I have a small scale business and have deliveries to make but can manage all of them..How do I go about it?

    1. Please Kindly reach me via this number 08184688283, so we could discuss further.


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