How To Identify A Reliable Dispatch Service In Lagos.

Businesses thrive when customers pay for goods and services and in the same vein get full value for what they have paid for in good time without any form of delay be it intentional or unintentional this is when we may give a pass mark to or applaud the customer service expertise of the business owner.

The advent of eCommerce in Nigeria has further simplified things in the sense that consumers can now pay for goods and services from the comfort of their homes or offices and simply wait  for these items or services to get to them without passing through the hassles of going out of their way to get these services, the power of the internet i mus say.

For these business owners whose customer base either relate with them online or in some cases offline transaction having to keep up with the never ending demand of these customers is an uphill task they need to constantly perfect in order to the keep the wheel rolling and as such having an efficient dispatch services that helps convey thei…

3 Way Logistics Has Helped The Growth Of E commerce In Nigeria.

Call it whatever name , be it pick up service , pickup and delivery service, courier service , errand boys or what not, they all fall under the same category which is logistics reason because they offer virtually the same services with little variations here and there.

The essence of this post is to  bring to mind 3 key ways how logistics had helped in the growth of eCommerce in Nigeria, do you believe that ? well sit back and read through this post as we take you through these interesting revelations.

How Important is an Efficient Pickup and Delivery Service to your Business.

Logistics they say is the sole of every business. for every forward thinking entrepreneur the process of having to move goods and services either from the point of manufacture to the ultimate consumer or customer remains paramount to him or her. with the increasing cost in inuring the services of full fledged logistics outfits the onus for these entrepreneurs remains the ever willing pick up and delivery service which offers  impressive services at a lower cost.

Karrigo Deliveries

Welcome to Karrigo deliveries. your one stop solution for fast, cost effective and efficient delivery service in Lagos and other environs. Karrigo deliveries was born out of the ever increasing demand for a reliable delivery service tailored to cater for the need of small and medium scale businesses with an everyday challenge as to how  their goods and services would get to their all important customers.