How Important is an Efficient Pickup and Delivery Service to your Business.

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Logistics they say is the sole of every business. for every forward thinking entrepreneur the process of having to move goods and services either from the point of manufacture to the ultimate consumer or customer remains paramount to him or her. with the increasing cost in inuring the services of full fledged logistics outfits the onus for these entrepreneurs remains the ever willing pick up and delivery service which offers  impressive services at a lower cost.

Are you a seasoned entrepreneur or relatively  new to the ecosystem then the question is, How important is an Efficient pickup and delivery service  to your business ? this short post xrays few key reasons that highlights these importance.

An efficient pick up and delivery service is important to a business in many ways but these few point buttresses the enormous usefulness of the service.


Every business minded person wants his or her product or service shipped on time to the customer and as such relies on  the expertise of an efficient pick up and delivery service in other to achieve this. prompt, efficient and timely delivery remains thee hallmark of the every business owner, this litrarily makes that satisfied customer wanting to come back for more, having an efficient pickup and delivery service as your Allie can only foster this by no small means.


Sometimes Entrepreneurs and business people are faced with the ugly scenario of having to accept items returned by their customers for numerous reasons, being wrong specification or in some cases defective items. an efficient pickup and delivery service is important at this point to ensure these items  gets back to the dealer in an adequate time and in good condition.


An efficient pick up and delivery service remains a great PR tool for your business even without knowing it  the high level of organization and utmost efficiency displayed by your pick up and delivery service while carrying out your assignment would make your customer trust your brand the more and wanting to further align with your business. this could be measured by the way the handle your parcel at the point of delivery, inter personal relationship skills of the dispatch rider or their laudable level of processing it also boils down to the parameters been looked out for by the client.

Whatever the case may be choosing the right pick up and delivery service to meet your business need is paramount as this will in no small way enhance your business growth and popularity



  1. What's the cost of delivery within and outside Lagos?
    Do you deliver on Sundays?

    1. Well soon be publishing our rates, but in the mean time please try to contact us for more on this.

  2. Some people aren't chanced for pickup on weekdays.

    1. Yes we do understand that. this is why we are working on modalities that will enable clients receive their items on weekends ( Sundays inclusive) but at slightly different price.

  3. Hello is karrigodeliveries still operational. The contact number is wrong

  4. Hello is karrigodeliveries still operational. The contact number is wrong

  5. Super informative share. Almost every business needs the courier delivery company so they must always look for the reasonably priced company and also ensure that there are no hidden charges. Personally I am availing the logistics services Dallas. I had used internet to find this company and quite happy with them.

    1. Hello Jacob, ManageTeamz is a delivery software that will grow in all directions with your delivery business. Our API allows to connect with other software systems and can be used to create, update, and track orders in real-time. Try it now for free.


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